Monday, April 22, 2013

David Whitmer's testimony of the Book of Mormon

"David Whitmer began a successful livery stable business, which he ran until his death in 1888. His powerful testimony of the Book of Mormon was heard and read by thousands, with over fifty interviews being recorded. David stated that sometimes he gave between fifteen and twenty interviews a day. One of the strongest of these testimonies was given just shortly before his death in a letter he penned to his local newspaper, the Richmond Conservator:

'It having been represented by one John Murphy, of Polo, Caldwell County, Mo., that I, in a conversation with him last summer, denied my testimony as one of the three witnesses to the ‘Book of Mormon.’

'To the end, therefore, that he may understand me now, if he did not then; and that the world may know the truth, I wish now, standing as it were, in the very sunset of life, and in the fear of God, once for all to make this public statement:

'That I have never at any time denied that testimony or any part thereof, which has so long since been published with that Book, as one of the three witnesses. Those who know me best, well know that I have always adhered to that testimony. And that no man may be misled or doubt my present views in regard to the same, I do again affirm the truth of all my statements, as then made and published.'"

- Keith W. Perkins, "True to the Book of Mormon—The Whitmers," Ensign, Feb 1989

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