Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Mother working places eternal family at risk

"Our understanding of priorities might be aided through examining a tragic situation commonplace in American society. While purchasing the “stuff” that people in a modern society seem almost obligated to accumulate, couples sometimes find themselves overextended and faced with the need for the wife to work in order to meet obligations. Although the couple may never have intended that this occur, the mother now finds herself outside the home when the children desperately need the nurture that no other individual can provide. If parents are not there, they cannot teach. The opportunity to provide the spiritual nourishment that has just been discussed can be permanently lost, replaced with whatever substitute peers, teachers, or the television may offer.

"Both national statistics and experience within our society are proof of the disastrous effects this decision can have on long-term family objectives and happiness. The Lord is aware of the instances where a mother with young children in the home may truly have to work to provide for their needs, and He will sustain her whether it be for an hour or a lifetime. However, when couples opt to take the mother out of the home while little ones are in need of her tender care, choosing instead to buy too much home, too much car, or too many toys, they put at great risk their eternal family and the never-ending happiness described by King Benjamin." [Mosiah 4:14-15 and Mosiah 2:41 are referenced earlier in the talk]

- Elder John B. Dickson, Of the Seventy, "Lead Me, Guide Me," Ensign, Sep 2003

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